Mapping Manning

The Man who Collected Oxfordshire

Mapping Manning brings together two sets of resources for the local history of Oxford and Oxfordshire:

The large-scale maps were begun by Manning in 1896, following the scheme used by the Society of Antiquaries for their county archaeological surveys. Each entry was marked on the maps at the appropriate spot, with a code indicating the nature of the element and its time period (see the key for further details), and in many cases a brief verbal description. Each entry is represented by a grey dot on this Google map: click on a dot to see the details and to link through to the original map.

The blue pins on the Google map indicate that one or more of the three institutions (Ashmolean, Bodleian and Pitt Rivers) holds objects and/or documents relating to that place: clicking on the pin brings up links to the relevant databases and indexes. There are object databases for the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums and in many cases images of the objects themselves: the index links lead to the detailed catalogue entries for the Ashmolean and Bodleian archives.

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